Video Production and Post-production

Basing Broadcast Services is operated by Guy Caplin. Formerly a producer and director at ITV in the UK, he is one of the few people to be recognised for both his artistic and technical achievements. He produced and directed top rated TV shows and also devised the Emmy award winning DEFT process, first used on the Simpsons. He has been a visiting tutor at the National School of Film and Television and at the BBC Academy.

The company works mainly producing corporate videos for international organisations throughout Europe and Scandinavia.

Shooting is carried out on location mainly using green-screen techniques. Editing is done in house with the latest technology and video material is distributed throughout the world. Check out this corporate video that we shot on location in Norway.

Format and Standards Conversion

Our degradation-free format/standards conversion service uses our in house proprietary system, which is based on vector motion techniques to preserve full frame integrity and maintain smooth motion.

Social Media, Email and Web-page Animation

Eye-catching graphics added to any site can enhance viewer experience. To meet the needs of social media we are able to produce GIF Animations.

Technical Solutions

The development of our SEAMLESS Invisible Editing Technique enables videos to be free of hesitation deviation and repetition, enabling presenters and interviewees to give a polished performance on screen. This is one of our many tools that solve problems that occur when filming. So when things go wrong in a video, who do you call? Well us of course. Check out our Technical Solutions. page.