SEAMLESS Invisible Editing

SEAMLESS Invisible Editing means that we can join two pieces of video together without the join being visually apparent. This is a technique that has been developed in house in order to to eliminate "jump-cuts" in interviews or presentations. All too often, pieces of dialogue need to be removed and inserting a cutaway is often not practical or desirable. Invisible edits can be the answer in providing a fluent flow of dialogue that looks completely natural.

A jump cut at 2 seconds in has been eliminated with a SEAMLESS Invisible Edit.

Click on this link to see an example of the videos that we produce for our corporate clients. It contains half a dozen invisible edits to enable the dialogue to flow freely without hesitation, repetition or deviation. The video was shot in a short amount of time so that no retakes were possible.

Technical Solutions

When things go wrong in a video all is not lost. Sometimes we are able to salvage a difficult situation. "Frencheezee - French made easy" sent us a video where some distracting people appeared in the background.

The people appearing in the top left of the picture are "matted out" and replaced by an image from another part of the video.